Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fantasy Update #18

NBA: My Kobe Bryant team was terrible, only won 5 or 6 games in the 22-week season. But my Kevin Garnett team was very good, won the division, and had the second-best record (19-5) in the league. Unfortunately, I lost the championship round by 15 points to the best team in the league (21-3).

MLB: I have 1 team with CBS and 2 with Yahoo. I like Yahoo so much better because I can make line-up changes every day. With CBS you lock in a roster for a week at a time. The second week of the season is ending today. I have pretty good rosters, so hopefully some good seasons are in store. Let's dub the teams per best pitchers: good luck to Team Santana, Team Hernandez, and Team Bannister. Play ball!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The first Sunday in March was my 5th anniversary as pastor of First Baptist Church of Emmet, AR. It has been a great experience being a part of this congregation. What wonderful people! What a privilege to be their pastor! I can only hope that they have received some blessings along the way ... I am SURE I have been more blessed than they. Space (and lack of complete photos) prevents showing them all, but let these be representative of ALL the wonderful people of God at FBC Emmet. I appreciate each and every one.

The last Friday in March was the 39th anniversary of my first date with the wonderful girl who became my wife and the mother of our 4 exceptional children. April 25 will be our 38th wedding anniversary. High school sweethearts, she has always been, truly and literally, my ONE and ONLY. Yes, it can be done! It don't come cheap, but it's worth the price! A'int love grand? Thanks, sweetie!