Monday, May 26, 2008

A Grateful Nation Thanks You

To those who made it home ...

... and those who didn't:


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rock on, MOM!

There's nobody like a mom ... and no one as special as MY mom, Carleene Jackson! Naturally, I don't tell her that nearly as often as I should, or as she deserves. Need proof? It's 7:16 pm on Mother's Day, and I haven't even called her yet today! Man, I'm toast. I'll try to call her right after this blog.

I don't have enough time or words to give Mom the tribute she deserves. I'll just keep trying to be a son she can be proud of. That is a full-time job! At least I'm a clean-shaven son again -- that makes her happy for sure!

We were sharing mom memories this morning at church. Here's the first thing I thought of: now that I've been a parent myself for more than 30 years, I realize that parents don't know everything after all, and sometimes don't actually know what to do or say about this or that problem or situation -- but my mom never let on. She was a rock. She projected faith and confidence all the time -- whatever inner struggles she might have felt, she acted like she always knew what to do or say and made her kids feel very secure, safe, and certain.

The only other thing I'll mention, among the thousands that could be listed, is this: I knew from my earliest awareness that Mom knew and loved JESUS. He was real to her, and she made Him real to me, too. To know what a Christian was, I only had to look at Mom and Dad. What a great, priceless heritage. Thanks, Mom! Happy Mother's Day.