Sunday, July 27, 2008


We love having the grandsons come to visit ... short visits ... they tend to take over one's life (as grandchildren are supposed to do!). This year, She Who Brooks No Challenge decided the summer visit needed to be extra special and came up with the idea of making it a real 2-boy summer camp, with field trips, crafts, cooking, recreation, etc. He Who Is Out Of His Mind said he would help. Voila -- Camp MeMe! What were we thinking?!?!?

Blackberry picking at 5K Orchard, near Donaldson.

Making popsicles in the Mess Hall.

Visiting Ka-Ho-Da Indian Village near Murfreesboro.

Pow-wowing at the ceremonial fire site atop the Ka-Ho-Da Temple mound.

Meeting the Clark County Judge at the county courthouse in Arkadelphia.

Models of World War II aircraft on display at the Clark County Historical Museum.
(Photo by Wylie Greer.)

Checking out the Civil War cannon at the Clark County Library, Arkadelphia.

Cooling off in the Best Western pool. (Aunt JuJu works there.)

Big Fist and Big Grin of the Jingle Bell Tribe with their handmade costumes and trail pouches on the last day of Camp meMe 2008.

It was a blast!
Hey, what're we doing next year??!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Song #1 - Happy Birthday, America!

The inimitable Ray Charles starts our Happy Birthday card to America.

Song #2 - Happy Birthday, America!

The Gaither Homecoming choir helps us celebrate -- solos by Terry Blackwood and David Phelps.

Song #3 - Happy Birthday, America!

Our national anthem -- never sung better. God BLESS America!