Saturday, June 18, 2011


Last day of Camp Meme 2011. Load up the Jeep & one last lunch at the OBU caf, then then we strike the colors, and Meme &the campers head for Hot Springs to see Uncle Josh, visit the hot springs and Gulpha Gorge, walking in the steps of the Duncan-Hunter Expedition (photos on Meme's facebook and then a happy reunion with Momma & Daddo at Great-Grandma's house. Another great Camp Meme comes to an end.


Day 6 of Camp Meme took us to Rockport to see the limestone outcroppings in the Ouachita River, observed in 1804 by the Dunbar-Hunter Expedition, reminding Dunbar of his native Scotland. Wylie & Miles threw rocks and sticks into the swift-running river, waded in the chilly water, and befriended a terrapin. Then we lunched in the pavilion on the other side of the river, read some more Treasure Island, enjoyed some Baskin Robbins in Rockport, played in the Malvern city park, and headed back to base. Took a detour to buy a few pounds of delicious fresh peaches at 5K Orchards near Donaldson. Back home Meme & boys changed into swimming togs and had another afternoon at the pool. Delicious leftovers-- 1st leftovers of the week-- for dinner. More Treasure Island, and a well-deserved good night's sleep!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A "quiet" day of being homebodies. The boys watched one of the Lord of the Rings movies in the morning. We made a trip to Walmart and browsed the toys while Meme shopped for groceries. Redboxed the latest Harry Potter movie for afternoon viewing. Ate a big lunch at OBU. Watched Harry Potter. Miles played more in his Grecian helmet. Tried to make some scientific examination of rocks gathered from the Caddo River yesterday. Chicken & Dumplings for dinner, yum. Meme & the boys to a THIRD swimming venue for the week, an hour or more at the OBU pool. Popping homemade popcorn on the stove for the Reading Hour. More adventures on Treasure Island. To bed with the night's "Adventures in Odyssey" tape.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CAMP MEME 2011 - DAY 4

Wylie was the first camper up on Dy 4 instead of Miles. Miles said he was having a great dream about school! Blueberry muffins for breakfast. Muffins crammed full of blueberries. The bowl started out filled to overflowing! Then, what Camp Meme would be complete without a trip to the Clark County Library? Miles got books about Tae Kwon Do and Judo, Wylie a Harry Potter. Exploring in the Caddo River in the afternoon (see Meme's pix on Facebook), with the help of neighbor Matthew Hutton. Obi & Miles made a Greek warrior helmet while Meme rested & Wylie read Harry Potter. Roast & potatoes for supper, yum! And later, of course, 4 more chapters of Treasure Island.

Monday, June 13, 2011

CAMP MEME 2011 - DAY 3

Waffles for breakfast. To the OBU library where librarian Gail Hennagin allowed Meme, Wylie & Miles to inspect and handle one of the journals, compasses, and eyeglasses from the 1804 Hunter-Dunbar Expedition up the Ouachita River to the hot springs of central Arkansas-- part of the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase, authorized by President Jefferson. Lunch in the OBU caf. In the afternoon a viewing & discussion of a video about the "The Forgotten Expedition." Then swimming privileges at a local motel. Chapters 10-14 of Treasure Island in the evening reading hour.

CAMP MEME 2011 - DAY 2

Day 2 was Sunday ... Meme helped Miles improvise a belt for church and then off to the Water Park in the afternoon. Chapters 5-9 of Treasure Island during the reading hour before bedtime.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

CAMP MEME 2011 - DAY 1

Meme, Wylie & Miles marched in the parade to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Arkansas statehood. We enjoyed some of the festivities, toured some of the exhibits inside (including the boys sitting at desks in the old House of Representatives chamber, and ended the day in Arkadelphia preparing to hang a brand new American flag for this year's camp.