Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Drunk on Power

By now it should be evident to all that President Obama and the Democrats are drunk on power, and they are about to hit-and-run the America we know and cripple her forever if the American people don't take the car keys away from them right now.

While we watched several news reports this evening on how stupidly the Democrats are acting toward the people who elected them, my wife wondered how they could be acting in such foolhardy and self-destructive ways. "They're drunk on power," I said. It just popped out. I didn't have to think about it. So it must be pretty obvious, really. It would be slapstick hilarious if it were a farce on Broadway; but it's Reality TV night after night, and it's happening to our country.

The President and the Democrats are a bunch of power-drunk hipocrites. When President Bush and the Republicans were in control, the Democrats howled mercilessly about abuses of power and Oval Office arrogance, and did everything and anything they could to curb the power of the president, his administration, and his party. Now that they are in power, they howl and whine and scream even louder about anyone -- even the American people! -- who dares question, challenge, or impede their use of power.

Why are they acting so stupidly? They have been made foolhardy by the rich wine of power. They've got the power now, and by God, they are going to use it! It was Henry Kissinger, an icon of a Republican administration excoriated for its hubris (and an unusually unattractive man who dated uncommonly attractive women) who said, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." (NY Times, 10/28/1973).

So, Barack and Nancy and Harry and their whole left-leaning gang are thoroughly inebriated and need no Viagra. "Change You Can Believe In" has become "Change We're Going To Ram Down Your Bleeping Throats." The promised Most Transparent Administration In History is yelling "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" at the American people.

The Town Halls uproar may be a little unseemly, but it's as American as it gets. It's America refusing to sit down and shut up. It's America shouting back, "BY GOD, YOU'RE GOING TO LISTEN TO US!"

It's America trying to get the car keys back-- before it's too late.

God bless you, America! God save us, America!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Wylie!

Wylie Allman Greer:

A grandson exceptionally fine.

It truly is hard to believe

The boy is already nine!