Friday, July 27, 2007

Sloppy Newscasts

Gee willikers, I can't stand it! I hate sloppy newscasts and journalism! People in the NEWS business are obligated to get the details right!

Last night on Channel 4 the blonde bimbo was doing a story on P.A.R.K. and referred to Keith Jackson as a Razorback great. Good grief! (He's a great Arkansan, and now is on the Razorback radio broadcast team, but he was All-American at Oklahoma.)

I switched to Channel 11 in protest. They were doing an "Amazed by Arkansas" feature on Petit Jean State Park. The feature bimbo (hair color unobserved) said the legend of Petit Jean went back "thousands of years." Jumpin' Jehosaphat, can't she read a calendar? Send her back to 4th grade math!

Goll-leee, it makes me long for the days when the weatherman came on one night (Channel 7, I think) and said with a big ol' grin, "There's no weather in Arkansas tonight."


Sugar pie said...

Good concise and very informative.

>;) said...

Well it could be worse. Up where I am the newscasts just plain suck. When we had a snow/ice threat back in December, one of the newscasters said, "don't be stupid" in reference to going out on the roads. A little tact please? I guess they did not have a course on what not to say...

How do these people make it?