Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Recommended Reading ... and Listening

As you may or may not know, Don Imus is back on the air -- it's about time! -- on WABC radio in New York, and on RFD-TV. Last week he had a fascinating, refreshing, and startling give and take interview with Dr. Debra Dickerson, who blogs for Mother Jones magazine. The subject was race, and particularly her observations about who can legitinately be called "black" and whether the term still has any validity.

Dr. D has written about her appearance on Imus in the Morning, and shared other thoughts, in a blog post you can read here. I highly recommend it. She includes links to the Imus interview, and you definitely should listen to that!

Warning: it is not light reading, or light listening. Put on your thinking cap! Whether or not you are a racist, everybody in America has been influenced and affected by racism, including you and me. It's worth thinking about.

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Nathaniel said...

Good stuff, man. Thanks for sharing that.