Saturday, June 27, 2009

Camp MeMe - Day 1

Last summer we instituited a new tradition at our house -- Camp MeMe: a week of real camp-like experiences and adventures for our grandchildren. The first one was so much fun we decided (a) to have a 2nd annual Camp MeMe this summer; and (b) to only have one Camp MeMe per year!

So far, grandsons Wylie and Miles are the only campers; and so far, that's all we can handle! We hope to have more campers in the future. (Hint, hint!)

Today, on Day 1 of Camp MeMe 2009, my employment prevented me from accompanying MeMe to pick up the campers, but daughter Judea went along to help, and the first Camp MeMe activity was to tour the Arkansas Territorial Restoration in Little Rock. MeMe will have pictures on her blog.

Once the campers arrived here, they lost no time in diving in to some free time fun in their room ... after, of course, we had posted the colors and said the pledge of alleigiance. Camp MeMe has begun!

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