Monday, June 29, 2009

Camp MeMe Day 3

Days 2 & 3 of Camp MeMe 2009 have flown by. Day 2 (Sunday) we went to Sunday School & church at First Baptist Emmet. The boys have been there numerous times now, and are known by most of the folks, so I didn't even announce their presence. Then it was lunch at the Eagles Nest and home for the afternoon and evening. The boys baked a delicious loaf of bread and later played a spirited game of baseball in the backyard, big brother Wylie winning 20-7. Little brother Miles hated losing; good for him!

While I worked from 7 to 3 today, they had lots of other fun activities, including making clay whistles from scratch. After a delicious supper of fried chicken and roasted corn on the cob, we went swimming at the Ouachita Baptist University pool. One wall is almost covered by All-America certificates the Tiger Sharks have won. Maybe one or both of these boys will win one someday!

MeMe offers some encouragement.
Wylie is already a great swimmer.
Miles loves the water, too.

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