Friday, July 3, 2009

Camp Meme, Day 7

After all this time, I have discovered that MeMe is spelled Meme. Just pay attention to Tanya's blog. Duh.

Her blog is where you will find comprehensive daily reports on Camp Meme -- not the dribs and drabs you get here. Click the link on the right.

Yesterday, Day 6, I took the boys on the mandatory trip to the Clark County Library. We go almost every time they visit. They always say hi to the Civil War cannon. They check out books and videos or DVDs. Yesterday we stayed much longer than usual, an hour or more, and Wylie read an entire book to Miles. Before we left, we went upstairs to the 2nd floor loft area and they each dropped a flip-flop to the floor below. Then we got out of there!
Today, Day 7, is the last day of Camp Meme 2009. Tomorrow we load up and go to Hot Springs Village for a family gathering where we will hand the boys back to their well-rested parents.

We get to rest next week -- with 5 nights of Vacation Bible School at FBC Emmet.

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