Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chuck Barrett, Wally Hall, and LR TV Razorback Street Cred

Okay, I could write all night ... but I'll keep it short and sweet (just like me).

Hooray for Chuck being named Voice of Razorbacks Football! I think Scott Inman would have done a great job, too, but I don't think anyone can match Chuck's love and passion and loyalty for the Hogs. He'll be super. I hate that he has to leave his radio show behind, but it's a no-brainer. He's got his dream job.

I love that Frank stuck it in Wally Hall's face. Wally's column last Sunday (don't look for a link here) was the most disgraceful, hypocritical thing he's ever written. He wrote a divisive column on the need to unify Hog fans. What a jerk. What an idiot. What a hypocrite. I'll never read another Wally column unless he repents and publishes an apology for the division he has sown among Razorback fans and for his unprofessional personal vendetta against Houston Nutt. Wally should have been fired Monday morning -- and that would've been way too late. (I can't believe I haven't canceled my subscription to the Demozette yet ...)

By the way, here's a hilarious and disgraceful sidebar: as of this posting, 24 hours after Chuck Barrett was officially named The Man, the sports websites for Channels 4 and 11 have prominent stories on the appointment. Channels 7 and 16 have NOTHING! Use their Search Site feature for Chuck Barrett --ZERO, NADA. It's understandable (although disappointing and unprofessional) for Channel 7 -- that's where Scott Inman works. What a pile of ... sour grapes. I'll bet Scott is embarrassed -- not about losing out to Chuck, but about his station's petty reaction. Channel 16? That's just incompetence. Does anyone take their sports coverage seriously?

Finally, as long as I'm at it ... Razorbacks basketball play by play man Mike Nail has been slipping noticeably the past two seasons. He has done a great job for many years, but it's time for him to step away before he is pushed out. Obviously, Scott Inman, who did a superb job subbing on some broadcasts last year, should be named immediately as the new Voice of Razorback Basketball!

Go, Chuck!
Go, Hogs!
Wally, just GO!


Nathaniel said...

You speak for all sane hog fans. Thank you sir. This blog officially rules!

Paul Jackson said...

Wrong on Chuck IMHO...though he will be fine...Inman was the man for the future and the coach's show...his voice is pro without being contrived and eccentric like Chuck's...Chuck does bring personality and he has paid his dues. He is qualified for the job.

He will be fine but he will never have a chance of filling Paul's or Bud's shoes. I think with time, a much younger Scott would have reached that status as he matured into the role. The biggest reason Inman would have been better is the PR toward Central Arkansas. I hope it is not another black eye for UA in it's relationship with LR. THE truth is: some stuff between KATV and some UA folks (that I can't share) is the REAL reason things went as they did.
Scott Inman is an Arkansas boy with true "national" talent...will there be another anytime soon? It's sad to me that politics and posturing decided the job. NOT ability...nuff said.

Right on W---- H---...nuff said.

Our Dad had a great time last Friday...I took him to the Lettermans Club for a special steak dinner with FB and Coach Shibest. FB was amazing for a guy any age! Shibest was informative and was great too! I made sure that Dad and I got our pic with FB...he will autograph and send it to us...and I will send to you. Dad is in his RED. Should be a Jackson Classic!