Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First Insult

I feel like a real blogger now - I've had my first insult!

I guess I unintentionally hurt the feelings of Son-in-Law #1 when I failed to mention, in my first posting, what an excellent blogger he is, too. In any case, thanks for the reality check, Nathan!

Did I mention, by the way, that Nathan is a great musician, super chef, and, as far as I can see, an outstanding husband and father! Being the only person on earth who has so far fathered any grandchildren for us, he is tops in my book!

Nathan's comment raises an interesting point, however. He said my blog stinks. I THINK he's joking, but if he's not, that's OK. But the point that arises is this: is a blog to be judged by its author's intentions, or by its readers perceptions?

I guess the answer depends on my motivation. Am I blogging for you, or for me? Maybe PERCEPTION is reality, as the old saying goes, but PERSPECTIVE makes all the difference.

The Red Sox can say, "We're still 8 games ahead of the Yankees!" ... but the Yankees, who used to be 14.5 games behind, can say, "We're only 8 games back!" Perspective vs. Perception.

Hey, what stinks?


Nathaniel said...

Now that is a blog post!! You go, J4!

Btw, The Yankees are not winning their division, but they scare me to death as the inevitable Wild Card.

Hey, I heard that when Roger Clemens goes into the Hall of Fame his hat will have a dollar sign on it. That is not true is it?

Jerusalem said...

Wylie's feet stink. And I think we could all agree on that.