Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hello, Empty Nest (again)

Well, it actually happened ... Judea and That Boy are off to Big D. They loaded down a pickup truck and their cars with all the worldly possessions they cared to take with them and cleared out for Cedar Hill, TX ... and left us to clean up the rest!

I don't approve of what they are doing and even less how they are doing it -- partly because we're not sure what they're doing! LOL -- but we still love them and pray for God's guidance and blessing for them.

It's been uncomfortable for me to slowly awaken over the past few years to how imperfect a parent I've been. I knew I was imperfect, I just didn't realize I was that imperfect! I'm so grateful my wife and kids love me nonetheless!

One of the hardest parenting adjustments I've had is realizing that Judea -- our baby -- hasn't been a baby for a long time. I've had to keep reminding myself she's no longer 14 ... 16 ... 18. I guess part of us never wants our youngest to grow up. But you can't stop it. So she's a headstrong 22-year-old living her life on her terms. When they get this age, all you can do is shoot straight with 'em and pray, pray, pray! Good luck, D!

And so, welcome back, Empty Nest. Let's see how long you last this time! We've been here before ... but never this empty: Frank and Judea took the dog and one of the cats with them. Hallelujah!


Jerusalem said...

After Wylie's birth I learned quickly that there is no such thing as perfect parenting anyway. All you can do is say those 2 perfect prayers instead "Help me, Help me" and "Thank you, Thank you." And hindsight is 20/20. That goes for the view from here as well. I am a lot less hard on you and Mom from this side of the fence then I was pre-Wylie. Guess that is how it goes huh? All part of the growth process...
We will do our best to re-fill the nest when we can. I plan on sending the boys to Camp Meme & Obi sometime next month, so enjoy the peace while it last!!! Love ya much, J

Judea said...

I miss you already Daddy!
Thank you for being honest and loving! Knowing you love me no matter what is the all I could ever ask for.
And you have always been a good parent to me....
Love you!

>;) said...

I happened upon your blog through Judea's. It looks great! You have interesting thoughts. I wish you and your family the best.

I think you and my dad would agree- a cat and dog finding another home isn't a bad thing...(our cat quotas went up when a special one passed on and he felt sorry for my mom...the never ending cycle!)

Have a great day!!

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