Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fantasy Update #8: At Last!

NFL: At last! The kind of week I'm used to -- won 5, lost 1. Yeah, baby! I would've had an undefeated weekend if Cowboys QB Tony Romo had put up his usual numbers, but he didn't and I lost that game by 11 points. My last winless team won big, so I have no winless teams now. One of my teams has a five game winning streak to climb out of the pit and is now 4-3. Another team is 3-3-1. The others have losing records, but at least things are looking up. I made some really good decisions on who to play and who not to play. I see other owners in my leagues losing interest and neglecting their line-ups, which is to my advantage, but less fun. Some doofuses left players with a bye week on their active rosters. Sheesh. ... Okay, I did it once by mistake myself. Once. One of these guys had four non-players on his roster!
College Football: After slipping up last week, the Razorback running backs and I got back on track and won big. I made good roster decisions. My opponent put all his eggs in the Oklahoma basket and wiped out as the mighty Sooners underperformed at Iowa State. I'm 7-1, headed for a showdown with the number one team in the other division, also 7-1. I beat him earlier in the season. Only two weeks left until the playoffs.
NBA: The National Basketball Association is in pre-season play now, with the regular season starting soon. I will field two teams. Had my first draft last week and got some great players. Will draft my second team tonight. The basketball season will increase my fantasy sports action, with games almost every night.

MLB: Fantasy season over. Bombed in one league, won one playoff round in second, won the CHAMPIONSHIP in the third.

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