Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fantasy Update #9: More Good Than Bad

NFL: Winning ways continue -- I went 4-2 last weekend, second good weekend in a row. It's been a brutal season so far. My one team with a winning record is just 4-3-1. I have two teams at .500, and three with losing records. Need a strong second half for sure.

College Football: Razorback running backs led the way back to the win column. At 8-1 I have the best record in the league, with one game left before the playoffs. My team is a point machine. Admittedly, this week I only needed one point -- my opponent had an illegal roster (too many players) and was disqualified. A win is a win.

NBA: The season started last night. First week of competition is underway. My Hawgballers team is led by Kevin Garnett of my beloved Celtics. My HawgAttack team is led by Kobe Bryant of the despised Lakers. Hey, the man is a scoring machine -- a win is a win.

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