Monday, December 10, 2007

Fantasy Update #15: a SWEET moment

NFL Fantasy Football.

My Ripsnorters team is 6-7 entering the weekend, the last game of the regular season. I need to win to avoid finishing with a losing record. I'm not going to make the playoffs in this league -- I'll finish 7-7 or 6-8. A big difference.

I'm trailing 97-61 after the Thursday and Sunday games. My opponent and I each have one player left to perform in tonight's game on Monday Night Football. He has New Orleans running back Reggie Bush. I have New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees. Both players have had up and down seasons. I will need abig performance by Brees to pull this game out.

I get the first break -- Reggie Bush will not play. He has a torn posterior cruciate ligament and his season is over. I need Brees to earn 27 points to pull out a victory. So far this season Brees has averaged 17.7 points per game. His high was 37 points in week 8. His low was MINUS 1 point in week 3. If he scores his average tonight, I'll lose by 9.

I get the second break, too -- Drew is en fuego tonight! He has 250 yards passing and two touchdowns by halftime. I trail by 4. Now he's thrown his third touchdown in the 3rd quarter and piled up 29 points (so far) -- it's a SWEET moment to be watching as the numbers on my scoreboard change to Ripsnorters 100, Atlanta 97. Go, Drew, go!

I'm gonna win ... unless Drew suddenly starts losing me points by losing fumbles and throwing interceptions. careful, Drew, careful!

OK, I won't have a winning season. But I'll finish with a win, and avoid a losing season. You take your moral vistories where you find 'em.

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