Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fantasy Update #14 - Updated Dec. 7

NFL: I went 3-3 last week. I have 4 losing teams, 1 at .500, and one winner, at 8-4-1. If that team wins this week -- last week of the regular season -- I could slip into the playoffs, depending on what happens to a couple of other guys. If I lose, no way. It'll kill me to have 6 teams and go 0-fer the playoffs. C'mon, Hawgballers! It's my Tony Romo team, so I need Tony to absolutely slay the Lions.

NBA: My first losing weekend, 0-2. Both teams lost. One is 2-3, the other 3-2. Patience -- it's a long season.

Razorback Football Coaching Search: new Arkansas AD Jeff Long is at least 0-2 ... er, 0-3 (Tuberville, Bowden, Grobe). This situation will soon turn ... er, has turned ... from awkward to outright embarassing. Git R Done, Jeffie Boy!

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