Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Middles!

How blessed we are to have 4 healthy (we trust), happy (mostly) children! This week two of them celebrate birthdays:

January 21 it was child #3 -- Jemimah Beverly Jackson Sandifer, born on a cold Memphis morning, 1980. Now living in Germany, courtesy of her husband's employer, the US Army. (That's Trooper, not Adam, with Jemimah in the picture.)

Today, January 24, it's child #2 -- Joshua West Jackson, born on a snowy Little Rock morning, 1978. Yep, that makes him the Big 3-0, living the bohemian life in Hot Springs.

Per Josh,'s wishes we'll celebrate these birthdays when Adam and Jemimah come home on leave in March.

Love ya, kids!

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YoMJ said...

thanks for fathering my children!