Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Life and Death

Don't stop praying for Dad. He was all ready to go home from the hospital, but his heart doctor spotted some irregularity in a test, so they will do an arteriogram at 2:00 pm tomorrow. If they see something that needs to be addressed with a stent or surgery, they will be ready to act immediately. Is it serious? When you're about to turn 80, everything is serious!

Please pray for my friends, the Booker family. I officiated at the funeral of Ann Booker in Emmet AR today. She was a remarkable Christian lady, and served as our church treasurer and pianist. They found a brain tumor and operated on her 14 months ago. She was never the same. There were subsequent tumors and surgeries and chemo ... tough sledding for the whole family. Ann graduated to Heaven Sunday morning. I wonder if they asked her to play in the morning service Up There?

The clock is ticking for us all. Last week chess legend Bobby Fischer died in an Iceland hospital. Yesterday we remembered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., felled by an assassin's bullet. Today actor Heath Ledger, only 28, was found dead. Cherish the gift of LIFE ... make every day count ... appreciate every minute.

And, oh -- be sure you're ready to go. "He who hath the Son hath life; he who hath not the Son of God, hath not life." I John 5:12

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YoMJ said...

How well said. And well done.