Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tag - I'm it!

I've been tagged by oldest daughter Jerusalem. I guess that's like, "Tag -- you're it!" I believe the point of this exercise is to confess/reveal five odd/weird/unusual things about myself.

The problem is, of course, that I'm a very un-self-aware person AND have a very strong ego (I think) that I do not like to admit to myself ... so I may not be able to think of five weird things about myself since I am either unaware of them or don't consider them weird! A conundrum!

But, in honor of Jerusalem, throwing caution to the wind, here goes ...

1. 99% of the time I sneeze in threes. It's a rare event if I sneeze only once or twice. Three sneezes for me -- usually achoo! achoo! achoo! ... but sometimes achoo! achoo! -- achoo!

2. Those in my family know (even if they have forgotten now), but not many others, that (as far as I know) I am the only person ever recognized as "Arkansas' Poet of the Future." When I was a high school senior, I won a competition sponsored by the Poet's Roundtable and the late Poet Laureate of Arkansas, Rosa Zagnoni Maranoni, awarded me the title.

3. I find it almost impossible to turn off a radio or stereo or TV while one of my favorite songs is playing, or to not watch a favorite movie to the end if I stumble across it on TV, or to not watch anything Gene Hackman is starring in.

4. Though I have been an avid Razorback fan for over 40 years now, I don't know any Razorback athletes personally. I met basketball great Marvin Delph once, and said hi to Joe Klein at his Corky's Restaurant once. But, while on staff at a church in Florida in the 1980's, I knew former Texas Longhorn star Jim Krivacs (now a sports agent) and, through a mutual friend, became a casual acquaintance of the late Pistol Pete Maravich, the Hall of Famer from LSU, who once bought me a dreadful lunch in a health food store in Clearwater.

5. Due to the civilizing effects of being married to a proper lady, for years I have peed sitting down about as often as I pee standing up. (Is this what is called getting in touch with my feminine side?) Give it a try, fellows -- it's more accurate and you don't have to remember to put the seat back down!

Careful who you share these shocking revelations with! And if you have read this far -- TAG, YOU'RE IT!


Jerusalem said...

What a great list and a great way to start my day - laughing! The sneezing thing must be genetic cause I sneeze in 3's also!
And I remembered your poetic honors!!! So proud of you for it... You should publish some of your old poetry books that you have and sell them on Etsy! Love you much, Daughter #1

YOAO said...

I never knew I had such influence!

Shani Thomas said...

Bonjour Mr. J! Great list! I am especially impressed by number 5. You deserve extra points and a big merit star for that one!!! I should show this to the hubby (he NEVER puts the toliet seat down).