Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fantasy Update #2

A mixed week in my fantasy leagues.

MLB: My CBS Sports team led most of the week, then my hitters stopped hitting when the weekend arrived and my opponent pulled away, so I lost in the semi-finals. My 6th-seeded Yahoo team faced the 2nd seed in the semi-finals and we tied 5-5 -- but I won on the tie-breaker, with a better ERA. I'm in the championship round this week against the 4th seeded team, which upset the top seed.

NFL: I went 1-5 for the weekend! A couple of close games, a couple of blow-outs. So I have one team that is 2-0, one that is 1-1, and 4 that are 0-2. I've deliberately challenged -- and handicapped -- myself by requiring that I have completely unique rosters on all 6 teams, denying myself the ability to have any great player on more than one team. So far, it's tough sledding. At least I got 15 points from Drew Brees this week instead of one -- but I still lost that game by 7. I need some plop plop fizz fizz!

College Football: Won again, thanks to Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. Although the Hogs lost at Alabama, we still ran wild and piled up the RB stats. I'm 3-0.

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