Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, J-Roo & Nathan-Yahoo

They are out there on the road to Iowa somewhere today, but Happy Birthday greetings go out to eldest daughter Jerusalem and her hubby Nathan.

Nathaniel's birthday was yesterday (September 27). As far as I know and can see he has been a good husband to our daughter, and a great dad to our grandsons. If he hasn't, Big Ups to Jerusalem for not broadcasting it! And BIG UPs to Nathan for fathering those boys ... our only grandchildren ... so far (hint hint to other parties who need to get married and/or get pregnant!). Hope the Iowa gigs are lots of fun, Nathan. Your in-laws love you.

Jerusalem's birthday is tomorrow (September 29), a date she shares with her youngest uncle, my brother Tim. The first of our four children, she was a $25 Air Force baby born in New Jersey, of all places, and a genius from the day she was born, mature beyond her years from the start, the child we treated least like a child. What a super wife, mother, and businesswoman! You may not be too sure of it, Jeru, but your parents think you turned out great! And, oh yeah, thanks for having the grandbabies! We love you!


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Jerusalem said...

Thanks Daddy! Those were just the words I needed to hear after a busy "re-entry" into the real world after a wonderful vacation with my sweet husband! Thanks for sharing Mom too and all her help with the boys while we took our time coming home! Lots of love and hugs!!!