Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fantasy Update #1

MLB: My 6-seed team won against the 3-seed in one of my baseball leagues to advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs, where I face the 2-seed now. This is the first week of the playoffs in my other league, and I have a slim lead after one day's play.

NFL: I won 2 and lost 4 in the first week of play. Tony Romo was The Man. Drew Brees got 1 point. ONE point. The losses weren't close. I have work to do.

College Football: I'm 2-0. I have a pretty awesome team, led by the Arkansas Razorback running backs, the Louisville Cardinals quarterback, and the LSU defense.

Think of how much time I would save if there were no such thing as sports.... Ha Ha!


Your Sweetie said...

No such thing as Sports! Don't even think it.

Love you even if I don't have receptors.


sil 2 said...

save doing what? life would just be a total bore!