Tuesday, September 4, 2007

MeMe Does It Again

What a nice Labor Day we had ... MeMe did it again!

Thinking back, we couldn't think of any special Labor Day events. We don't have a family Labor Day tradition. (I've come to associate Labor Day with my brother Paul coming to preach the day before at my church, and the great concert in the evening service with the Arkansas Revival Center singers. We had a big blessed day on Sunday on that 5th annual event.)

But this year, Tanya decided that we would "do Labor Day." The menu was planned and invitations went out. We cheerfully (mostly) killed ourselves Saturday doing a complete cleaning and wash-down of the screened-in back porch and its contents to get ready for whomever was able to show up. My, how that back porch shines now!

As it turned out, just Maw and Paw (Tom & Ethelee Beverly, Tanya's parents, from Hot Springs Village) and Teija (TAY-jhza) Nelson (Tanya's only sister, from Ft. Smith) were able to join us, but they were enough to have a wonderful time. It was a wonderful visit as we fellowshipped and feasted -- smoked barbeque ribs, corn on the cob, potato salad, Ramen noodle cole slaw, and iced tea, and, naturally, a sweet watermelon for dessert. (The pictures here were taken at the Beverly's house Easter 2006. We were too busy eating to take pictures yesterday!)

It was a lovely day. MeMe did it again! Hope you all had a good day, too.

PS ... and today I had ribs for breakfast ... and for lunch ... yum yum!

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