Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fantasy Update #12: I am The Champ

College Football: The fantasy season came to an end last weekend as I won the championship game 210-185, and finished 11-1. I started the season with a 6 game winning streak and closed with a 5 game winning streak. I scored a total of 2,357 points for the season -- and 573 of them came from the Razorbacks running backs. Way to go D-Mac, Felix the Cat, and supporting cast. When you're hot, you're hot. This year in college football, I was EN FUEGO!

NFL: Another 3-3 weekend. Some abysmal performances have led to some roster housecleaning. One of my teams is 7-3-1 and, with 3 weeks to go, has a shot at the playoffs. My 6-5 team is a long shot. The other four have no chance. I'll just have some fun and start a goofy line-up or two toward the end. Having 2 or 3 non-competitive teams is not something to which I'm accustomed.

NBA: My winless team finally broke through, and my undefeated team kept on winning, so I was 2-0 last week. Both teams have started well this week. My 1-2 team has only 5 of the top 90 fantasy players; my 3-0 team has 7 of the top 90 -- but two of them are #3 and #4. There's NBA action almost every night -- but my fantasy rosters are locked once the week's action begins and cannot be changed until the next week starts. Line up decisions loom large.


Jerusalem said...

Congrats on the championship - you da man! See you on Turkey day!

Vince said...

Good work on the college championship! Would love for you to visit our site.