Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Perfect Birthday Present!

This is the book that the 'Roo Crew gave me for my birthday. (That's Jerusalem, Nathan, Wylie, and Miles.) I finally finished it this week. It was great.

It's an account of sportswriter Clay Travis's odyssey attending a football game on every Southeastern Conference campus in 2006, plus the SEC championship game, along with reminiscences about his life, family, being a Southerner, and an SEC football fan in particular.

I certainly identified with many of the things he recounted -- and I also clearly recognized the generation gap between the younger Clay and myself! There were a few things I couldn't identify with (kids and booze, for example), and a few choice four letter words here and there (it's football fans, after all), but most of the book spans the range of amusing to hilarious. I highly recommend it to any college football fan, especially those who love the SEC.

Many thanks, 'Roo Crew! Wooooooo, pig, soooie!

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Jerusalem said...

Go Hogs!!! I am so glad you loved it as much as we hoped you would!!!
If I ever slow down I am going to have to borrow it and read it myself now that you and Nate have read it... I need to keep up!
Love you mucho!