Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Wylie and Miles are back for the 3rd year of Camp Meme! Momma actually delivered them the night before the camp officially satrted, so they got an extra night, and thoroughly enjoyed watching "What's Up, Doc?" our favorite comedy.

Monday, Day 1 of camp - we had reveille, breakfast in the mess hall (Meme made pancakes!) and eventually we were off for a day in Hot Springs. Their Aunt Judea rearranged her work schedule so she could spend the day with us, and was a tremendous help.

In the Spa City, we: 1) rousted Uncle Joshua out of bed (he had the day off) and let him know the plans; 2) visited the Gangster Museum and learned a lot about Hot Springs' colorful and criminal past; 3) visited the famous Arlington Hotel and had some refreshments from their Starbucks; 4) walked Bathhouse Row and took the tour in the visitor's center in the Fordyce Bathhouse; 5) got some more refreshments and cooled off (it was only about 95 degrees outside) in the Central Avenue Subway; 6) visited the historical photo galleries in the Convention Center (pictures of Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Cy Young, baseball teams, Al Capone, Bugsy Siegal, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Raft, and Alan Ladd, to name a few) and let the boys run off some steam in the enormous hall; 7) redezvoused with Maw & Paw and bought some chicken & biscuits at Popeye's; 8) took our chicken & the potato salad and drinks Maw & Paw had brought, to Whittington Park for a picnic; 9) watched the Hot Springs Concert Band set up for a concert of John Phillip Sousa music while we dined; 10) went and picked up Joshua to join us; 11) enjoyed the first half of the concert, then packed up; 12) went and filled up 4 big jugs with Hot Springs water at the Cental Avenue Visitors Center; and 13) headed for home!

At home, everybody bathed and went to bed! The boys watched "101 Dalmatians" in their room as their "go to sleep" movie.

A good start to Camp Meme 2010!

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Patty said...

Did you bath in the Hot Springs water when you got Home?