Friday, June 18, 2010

CAMP MEME 2010, Day 4

Highlights of Day 4 of Camp Meme included:

* Taking the boys to play at the playground they like to frequent when with us. They climbed and played and ran the bases on the nearby ballfields.

* Barely making it to the OBU caf in time for lunch -- they were putting everything away as we came in, because the rush of campers was over. Took the boys to meet my boss & others in the office. They did not embarrass me, very well-behaved.

* Reading another chapter -- long chapter -- in Yankee Batboy.

* Going wading/swimming in Lake DeGray State Park. Wylie & Miles had a great time splashing around and enjoying the waves coming in. Meme hiked up her pedal-pushers and waded in, too.

* Participating in a square dance hoopla at one of the Lake DeGray pavilions. The guy leading it was very good. He taught the majority of folks, young & old, to do the basic square dance moves and then led them through a few routines. After watching the first one, the grandsons were eager to join in. You should have seen those boys dos-i-do, promenade, and rip-n-snort! (Those of us who just came for the free ice cream and cheered the dancers on had a good time, too.)

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