Sunday, June 20, 2010

CAMP MEME 2010, Day 6

Camp Meme comes to an end. We had a great week, and, thank You, Lord, the brutal heat held off until the very end.

No reveille on the last day of Camp Meme. We let the boys sleep as long as they wanted; they finally rose around 10:00 or 10:30.

Meanwhile, Obi & Meme were up at 6:00 am to get ready for the Porch/Yard/25-cent sale. Good thing, since the first customers showed up at 6:30! I got an ice chest ready and set up the Lemonade Stand for the boys to make a couple of bucks when they rose.

After the sale wound down, we had rest time, then had a delicious supper prepared by Jerusalem, our oldest child, the boys' Momma. She fixed Super Bowl Hoagie Rolls in honor of Father's Day; when she still lived with us (last century) she would fix these on Super Bowl Sunday.

After supper, the boys presented the stick-puppet play, "Babe, Al, & the Flood of '23," a little play about the heroics of Babe Ruth & Al Capone during the Hot Springs flash flood of 1923. The flood was real; the heroics, fiction. We all celebrated with some yummy dessert.

After the play, Camp Meme was officially over. Momma took the boys swimming again -- and Meme and Obi collapsed. See you next year!

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Jemimah said...

thanks for posting all this. i love to see how camp meme goes. mom gave up after 3 days so i'm glad you kept going. thanks!