Saturday, June 19, 2010

CAMP MEME 2010, Day 5

Friday is always a highly anticipated camp day. But this year, Camp Meme goes to Saturday!

Nevertheless, it was a joyous moment indeed when reinforcements arrive: the boys' Momma came to spend the last 2 nights.

Before her arrival, though, we had a pretty busy day. In the morning I typed up the script for the stick-puppet show, "Babe, Al, & the Flood of '23." It grew out of discussions Wylie & I had about the things we learned about Hot Springs on Day 1. Meanwhile, Miles & Wylie were putting the finishing touches on the theater, and Meme was printing period photos to use for the puppets.

For our lunch break, we went to the Chinese Buffet downtown, then I took the boys to the Dollar Tree store for a little shopping. On our return, we did a read-through of the simple script a time or two. Miles was a bit defensive about not being able to read much yet (perhaps because Wylie is an excellent reader) but we got through it.

Bed time movie for Day 5: "Short Circuit." "Input! I need input!"

Is it just me, or are the posts getting shorter as the week goes on? Ha!

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